The information age is in full swing and you’ve come to the realization that ‘you are what you eat’. This is so much more than what you put in your mouth. Content is constantly coming at you and not all of it will help get you to your next milestone. So be intentional and change the script to take your mental game to a new level!

One way that I’ve been able to do this is with audiobooks and Bluetooth headphones.

One of the best upgrades you can make in your life is the type of content you consume. Think about that. Because of how our modern society is, we are constantly consuming content, and much of the time we don’t even realize that things are leaving an impression upon us.

Most of the worlds best information is buried inside books, which is absolutely fantastic, but what if you’re not a reader? Guess what? Many of the people who have done some insanely great things weren’t big readers to begin with either. So you don’t like reading. No big deal, because you probably love to listen to music! Thankfully, the brilliant creative minds in this world have come out with things called audiobooks- there’s even this little site called that makes them quite easily available!

Some of the books that I recommend pretty frequently are:

The Four Agreements, Book
Grab this great read however you like it- in print or audible!

The Four Agreements is one of those books that can be a huge gift to the right person. It has been very helpful in my life and I listen to it probably once a quarter.

Snowball, Warren Buffett, Book
Grab this great read however you like it- in print or audible!

The Snowball by Warren Buffett is long, which makes it (IMO) perfect for Audible, but however you consume it, just make sure that you do. Warren is one of those people that can teach you things by osmosis. He’s brilliant.

Inner Engineering, Book
Grab this great read however you like it- in print or audible!

Inner Engineering by Sadhguru is a book that I love that talks about some of the often overlooked things about our body and this world. He’s such an interesting person!

Now let’s get into some headphones that I like.

Remember- ease of use and flexibility is key. Personally- I use Apple’s Airpods and love them. They easily let me switch between my iPhone, Macbook, and iPad pretty seamlessly. If you’ve been on the fence- I’d get them.

But you don’t have to spend Airpod money to get better sound and a product that works on multiple platforms. Below I’ve listed two versions that I personally use and love, and even give as gifts to friends. They’re inexpensive but are great quality.

This version is a monopod type, which I love because I like to consume podcasts and audiobooks while doing other things. This lets me listen but still be present in the environment. And they’re a great deal at $10. You can grab it here!

This is a more traditional earbud setup. These are great quality, produce good bass, and are quite comfortable. Grab a pair of these HERE!

Remember: Good In- Good Out.

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