So it’s no secret, I’m rather a larger fella coming in at 290lbs. I’ve decided that I need to drop some weight and do a better job at taking care of myself. I met with fellow contributor Brandon Howard not too long ago and he made a meal guide and workout routine for me. Since implementing this in my life about 2 weeks I’ve dropped 10lbs. To you that may not seem like much, but for me, it’s major victory on my road to a better, and healthier life. 

In my quest to drop the weight I’ve been reading food labels like a hawk, cooking more meals at home, and checking my myfitnesspal app to see what restaurants have healthier options. 

That is how I found out about Taziki’s. This mediterranean cafe features a whole slew of healthy options. Everything is prepared fresh daily and locally sourced. There are no deep fryers located in the restaurant so you won’t be tempted by ordering those greasy side items.  

I personally had a Greek Salad (110 calories) with dressing on the side, and added some grilled chicken (250 calories) to help get some protein in my meal. First off the salad had fresh greens, ripe tomatoes, and some of the best seasoning on a chicken I’ve had in a while. But second,  I felt satisfied and full not lethargic and gross.

Everyone thinks with diets you don’t get to eat much or have to eat bland food. But eating healthy doesn’t have to suck. There are plenty of great restaurants out there that can help you stick to your diet and you get to eat some tasty food. 

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