This past Sunday afternoon, I had the privilege of watching the Louisville Ballet put on the Nutcracker at the Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts in downtown Louisville, KY. What a magical and true sign of the Holiday season officially being here…makes my heart warm.

photo credit: Kentucky Arts

The show consisted of two acts, acts full of life, glitter, theatrics, and all the in between. Between the impressive ballet moves and technique, to the captivating and exquisite magic tricks, the show was a complete hit.

The unique scene changes and dancer changes, costumes and all, was so intriguing and left me in awe at all the preparation this must have took.  Being a dancer, it allowed me to have a deeper respect for the timing and perfection the dancers displayed, and how truly magical the performance as a whole was. To gaze around and see a diverse crowd all equally engaged and dialed in was super special.

photo credit: Kentucky Arts

The thing that I enjoyed the most about this production, was the fact that is was just as entertaining for someone knowledgable about ballet and dance, as someone who does not know a thing about it.  I went with my boyfriend who’s vision and knowledge is basketball and other sports, yet he found the play enjoyable and loads of fun. There is something about getting dressed up, and going to see a play that just makes your day feel special. 

I got to experience the magic of this beautiful Louisville holiday tradition! The way Louisville Ballet told the classic story was so unique. It filled the theatre with magic and an aroma of a dreamy land far far away.

If you have not yet seen the Nutcracker, hurry and grab your tickets before you blink and the holiday season is over! Happy Holidays everyone. For more Christmas insides from the Yes Louisville team click here…

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