I haven’t had a pedicure in 8 months. I know they’re a luxury & not a need, but they feel SO GOOD. Seriously, there’s nothing like a sugar scrub & foot massage, & it just isn’t the same when you try it at home.

So, if I like them so much, why has it been so long since I’ve had one? The answer is simple…I’ve been scared.

It’s no secret that people get weird infections from nail places. There’ve been stories in every fashion magazine & blog for years. Those never deterred me. But then it happened to someone I know in real life & that was enough to make me never want a pedicure again.

The cause of my friend’s situation was a combination of soaking in those mini whirlpool jet tubs (with bacteria from other people’s feet swirling around in her water) & having her cuticles clipped with only partially sanitized tools. That blue solution is not enough to kill everything, people.

I went the first few months after hearing her story convinced that I could live forever without getting another pedicure. But then I missed it. And my heels started to crack from all the outside summer active time. And I really wanted one…

Enter Frenchies Modern Nail Care!!

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The Frenchies mission is to deliver exceptionally clean affordable services [#PoshWithoutThePrice] & the Frenchie’s difference makes their salons better for the health of the customers & the staff!

Let me break it down for you:

-Frenchies has SINGLE USE files & buffers. That means no sloppy seconds!

-The only tools they re-use are clippers & cuticle pushers. In between each use, they are first soaked in medical grade disinfectant & then they go through a HOSPITAL GRADE autoclave…the same process used on surgical tools!

-There are NO JETS in their soaking basins (so NO circulating bacteria from other people’s feet) and between each service the basins are deep-cleaned with hospital grade cleaning products for a minimum of 10 MINUTES!

-They also never use the “cheese graters” on your heels, because that takes away too much of the skin your feet need for protection & creates openings for bacteria to enter.


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Frenchie’s also features INCREDIBLY COMFORTABLE service stations, complimentary beverages for guests, heated neck pillows, exclusive products from Spinster Sisters Co., & space for parties & special events!

I know all of this because…I had THE BEST pedicure of my life at Frenchies today!

It’s standard for every new guest to get a full tour of the salon including an up close & personal view of the cleaning space & autoclave, just so you know for sure that their standards are the real deal.

They also offer monthly memberships that can be used to redeem services, get special discounts on products, & share some discounts with family & friends.

I can say with full confidence that I’ll never get a manicure or pedicure at another salon. For the first time I know for sure that my feet were handled with care & my health was top priority. Also, my feet look pretty.

So MAKE YOUR APPOINTMENT today & experience the Frenchies difference for yourself! #BeAFrenchie


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*The Frenchies Team welcomed Yes Louisville for a sponsored review of their services. All opinions about the experience are my own.*




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