Louisville Pizza Week. Seven straight days of $8 10-inch pizzas. Why? To keep us motivated. For the love of cheese, crust and tomatoes. “Paying homage to all things ‘za,” says the man, Tony Frank. And of course a chance to win $250 in restaurant gift cards.

Per the ingredients, before arrival we leaned heavily towards the Rim, but feta, mozz and spinach would not be denied. From the very start the Kosmic Karma outshone his brother. This was real pizza. Everything about it said “I am Pizza, other pizzas aspire to be me.” I felt like I was giving a shout out to all things Italian just by having it on the table. It was just chok full of so much gooey deliciousness I was in heaven. You had the romas and the sundried brought together with just the right amount of pesto. The only thing that could have made it better is if Dean Martin was singing “Thats Amore” at the table while I was eating it. “When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie…” Like all great pies it was good for lunch the next day too.

The Kosmic Karma

We had a table at Mellow Mushroom and Rachel was bringing our drinks. I was awaiting a psychedelic experience through my beer and pizza. It was so low key, everyone seemed to be mumbling at their tables, big colorful “60’s” murals painted on the walls, wide screen tvs all around, and my wee (10 oz. glass) beer was an Upland stout with a 10.2% ABV. Thats what i’m talkin. We had 2 choices of pizza, a Pacific Rim or a Kosmic Karma.  We got one of each of course. The Rim: red sauce, mozzarella, ham, bacon, caramelized onions, pineapple, and jalapeños. The Karma: red sauce, feta, mozzarella ,spinach, sundried tomatoes, and roma tomatoes, finished with a pesto swirl. As you can tell 2 distinctive pies.

The Pacific Rim turned out to be quite an aggressive little pie. It was lovely but it was starved for sauce. Here the approach was different. The mozz, ham and bacon were light, as well as the caramelized onions, and the pineapple chunks were defensively placed, but we did have a bounty of jalapeños. They were thinly sliced and very fresh and a few were even fanned like a strawberry. They were an integral part of every bite and left my mouth often aching for the cool release of sweet pineapple. Still a very good pie, with a more southwest influence.

The Pacific Rim

Both pizzas were indulgent but also healthy. The Mellow wheat crust goes a long way to ensure that. We finished up and floated our way back to the car, getting our pizza stamp and leaving 25% tip. Lets face it, we can make every week pizza week!


DJ Werd

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