We had too much fun debating the best holiday movies, so we started debating the best holiday episodes of epic TV shows…which is harder. WAY harder. 

We narrowed the list down to eight, one for each day between now & the 25th…ENJOY! Also, in no particular order. It’s like picking your favorite kid…you just can’t. Well, you can’t admit it.

The Office – Secret Santa – How is it better than an iPod?!?! Trust us, it is.

30 Rock Christmas Special – NYC is magical during the holidays! Sometimes that’s a magical mess, but in the best way possible.

Arrested Development – Afternoon Delight – Holiday parties can get awkward. The Bluths are the best at all things awkward. 

Seinfeld – Festivus – Make your list of grievances…it’s almost time!

South Park – Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo – This is the cutest a turd will ever be on TV. 

You’re learning a lot about us, aren’t you?

Full House – Our Very First Christmas Show – Have mercy! The Tanners sure do know how to tug at your heart strings.

Will & Grace – Fanilow – Things worth camping out for during New York winter…& go!

Parks & Recreation – Citizen Knope – Even stone cold Ron Swanson gets gushy in this one.

Friends – The One With the Holiday Armadillo – Man, costume shops are slim pickins’ in December…

We hope you enjoy this list of Holiday Episodes…let us know what you think! Happy Holidays from the team at Yes Louisville!

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