Did you say play with kittens? Well, shut the front door! Yes please! Actually, Yes Team, please.

I was fortunate enough to pick the story I wanted to write about. Anything animal is all me. I love animals, mainly because they can’t speak for themselves, so we get to be their voice & caregivers. So what better way to spend an afternoon than to go pet kittens & love on them for an hour?!

On Friday, August 17th the Yes Louisville team had our very own Purrfect Day Cafe outing. I couldn’t tell our staff I was leaving work for an hour to go play with kittens by myself. Don’t get me wrong COO’s do have perks and playing with kittens is one of them, I just wanted to be all-inclusive, which is what Yes Louisville is known for! So I invited our whole team out for a playful afternoon of fun & relaxation!

We arrived with enthusiasm and, of course, I was impatient. I wanted kitty lovin’ NOW! We got a tour of the building with Chuck Patton (someone I worked for 23 years ago…small world) who is the owner & “Purrprietor” of the cafe. There were kitty cat hats, shirts, and a great selection of food & drinks. My favorite were the “Paw-stries”. Cake Pops in the shape of cat heads, I’m a vanilla cake girl so cat pops for me, please! Other favorites were cookies & “Paw-pcorn” in the flavors of Kitty Litter, Windy Kitty and more. Go check out the menu, it’s really Pawsome!

How they make an impact is amazing! They work with the Kentucky Humane Society in bringing in kittens from Louisville as well as the surrounding counties who don’t have a Humane Society drop-off center. These kittens are brought in to be adopted by Purrfect Day Cafe guests. Yes, there is a process & basic adoption fees, but what an awesome way to get cats off the street! Chuck let us know that the kittens are spay/neutered, immunized, & chipped.

Here’s the deal, did you know petting animals releases endorphins? Yeah, right so get there asap and release those endorphins. We were able to convert a non-cat person to consider maybe adopting a kitten. WOW now that’s a testimonial if I’ve ever heard one. It’s great fun for kids and adults alike.

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