“We’re not interested in helping our children die more comfortably. We’re interested in finding a cure.”

Spoken by Cure CF co-founder Deryl Sweeney, this one line was all it took for Yes Louisville to get 100% behind the vision of Cure CF, Inc. This Louisville-based non-profit, started in 2015 by parents of children with Cystic Fibrosis, is dedicated to aggressive fundraising to fuel local & national research.  There were already groups in the area cultivating awareness, but these parents saw a lack of research-targeted fundraising that didn’t sit right with them. So, they grabbed a beer one night to talk about what could be different & Cure CF, Inc. was born.


Since their founding the group has raised close to $600’000 toward research, & with no overhead or administrative costs (because ALL of their AWESOME team members are VOLUNTEERS) their impact is profound. They have currently delivered two-thirds of a $300’000 pledge to Norton Children’s Hospital for the construction of a state of the art respiratory care clinic that will bring clinical trials & cutting-edge research to our city.  This clinic will make it possible for families impacted by CF & other respiratory diseases in Louisville & the surrounding area to stay close to home for treatment. That is priceless.

Not interested in focusing on the negative, they’re committed to fundraising with flair & promote each of their events as a “party with a purpose!”  This year, along with the annual “CRAFT” beer festival event downtown, they added a summer concert to the calendar. SpiropaLOUza, Presented by The 502 Bar & Bistro, hosted at Norton Commons Amphitheater, came together quickly & has already established itself as an annual must-attend charitable event in The Ville.


It’s hard not to enjoy quality music framed by a picturesque background of the setting sun over water. If that ambiance wasn’t enough, the warmth & kindness of every Cure CF volunteer & sponsor group made the experience exceptional. There were fabulous mixed cocktails from Tito’s, craft beer trucks from Commonwealth Tap & River City Distributing, pizza flying from Johnny Brusco’s, corn dogs & lemonade from Sivori Catering, keto lemonade from Pruvit & more!

We knew the zeal of the Cure CF team, but were still struck by the pure joy pulsing through every aspect of the event. Country music duo Branch & Dean, official ambassadors for the national CF Foundation, performed a light & lively set of original songs & Americana classics. If the Cure CF team had not told the story in their introduction you would never have known that Branch lost his son to CF in the not so distant past. Despite his tremendous loss, he presses on with joy doing all he can to help raise money so that other families might never feel his pain.

At intermission between bands, the Cure CF team presented Norton Children’s with the second $100’000 check in the past two years & the celebration of this amazing moment was exhilarating to say the least. Even 3-year-old CF warrior Samuel, running around the stage enjoying “his concert” seemed to grasp the significance of this gift. He paused to take a photo with the group & the big check & looked out at the crowd in awe as his mother looked down at him with swelling hope in her eyes.

This event also celebrated diversity & reminded everyone in attendance that CF does not discriminate & efforts to combat it musn’t either. Southern hip-hop sensation, Nappy Roots, who got their start at Western Kentucky University, headlined the event with an electric performance that had everyone out of their seats & dancing. These guys even donated personal money to the cause after already giving of their time to perform at the event for nothing more than the covered cost of bringing their out of town crew to The Ville.

Generosity, of both spirit & monetary gifts, reigned over SpiropaLOUza weekend. The end result was over $90’000 dollars more toward research to find a cure.

Ninety. Thousand. Let that sink in for a minute.

The Yes Louisville team was honored to be the promotional partner for this incredible organization’s inaugural summer concert event. We want to say a big thank you to everyone who helped spread the word, attended the event, & gave sacrificially toward the vision of a future where CF patients have hope of living a full life.


It’s incredible to see what zeal for a cause can accomplish. Think about that the next time you are bothered by something out of joint around you. Grab a coffee or a beer with like-minded people & decide to make a change. Pursue that change with passion & make a difference in your community.

These Cure CF, Inc. parents & allies WILL help find the cure for Cystic Fibrosis.

What could you do?

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