Today is the birthday of Mickey Mouse. I know it’s kind of weird to talk about a cartoon character having a birthday, but ride with me for a minute on this- the legacy that Mickey Mouse has given the world is one of universal love and hope.

I don’t know of anyone that has a negative memory of Mickey Mouse. And I also don’t know of anyone who hasn’t heard of Mickey Mouse. And even if you haven’t ever stepped foot on a Disney property, Mickey and his cohorts have touched your life, regardless of how small or insignificant you might think of it, in some positive way. 

It’s a character that was created to bring joy and it has turned into an entire industry. But that mouse, with his iconic red shorts and yellow shoes, is consistently there, maybe not at front and center, but still there. And I like that.

Like many people, Mickey Mouse holds a special place in my heart. I was a kid, growing up in the 80’s, and Mickey was a cute animal that would make me smile and laugh no matter what. An instant injection of warmth…

Warmth…that’s a good feeling. Now that I think about it, I recall someone posting on their socials recently that the solution to negativity isn’t positivity- it’s warmth…

And just like that I’ve connected a few more dots in this magical world…and I haven’t even gotten to the point of my post! I digress…

I was a lucky kid whose parents planned a cool trip to Disney World. I was probably 6, right around the age that my daughter is now. Which is ironic, I suppose, as Carter Jean’s mom and I were able to take her to Disney this past February. 

It’s weird how memories work- certain things can be so pronounced and vivid in your mind and yet others….not so much. And we really don’t have the luxury of being able to physically hit the ‘SAVE’ button after we’ve watched the preroll and realize that this moment is, in fact, worthy of storage. Nope- the best we can do is give as much attention as we can.

Anywho- six year old Mudd at Disney. I remember being so geeked out about the monorail and thinking that it would be the perfect way to get to school. Our city HAD to have one!

And then I remember Mickey Mouse, hands waving, walking to greet me and my parents as we had entered the park. Balloons fell. Trumpets tooted. Something had happened.

The Mudd’s from Louisville, KY were something like the millionth people to walk through the gate and we won a car!

Hold your horses folks- this is 1988ish and fronting and marketing wasn’t what it is today- so no, it wasn’t a Lambo or a Maserati. It was a Chevy Lumina. Now that I think about it, probably some promo for the NASCAR movie at the time Days Of Thunder.

But regardless- it was such a cool moment. We had no idea anything was going on, we didn’t enter anything, we were just on a family vacation. And that’s what made it so great. 

Mickey Mouse holds a special place in my heart and I’m so happy to wish him a Happy 90th Birthday today!

(I’ll update this post as soon as my mom (Dr. Mudd) can dig up some embarrassing photos 😉 )

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