Everyone is busy this time of year. We work, take care of others, have friends and of course we have presents to get.

This week, as usual, I was out at a networking event to “double down”. I was networking and meeting a good friend simply to spend time with. If you know me, you know I’m all about making the most of my time, something I can never get back.

The event was at The Brown Hotel. I was thinking ‘uhhh parking, but it’s swanky, okay that’s cool.’ I got off the elevator and to my delight I smelled Gingerbread. I’m a visual person so I saw a massive Gingerbread House but before I could take in all the glory, I got called into the event.

I had a great time at the event with my friend, but upon leaving we had to stop and see (and smell) that Gingerbread House. It was all real, and truly amazing. It was baked with real ingredients and put together with real icing.

For me, it was a reminder of my mother. She baked a gingerbread-man cake for my birthday every year. It was my favorite cake, so what a fantastic Christmas present this reminder was for me! It was a reminder that my mom holds the smell of Christmas.

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