My name is Eryn Jane. I am so excited to be writing for Yes Louisville! It is one of my favorite sites because it is about spreading positivity, and sharing love for our city.

I’ll be sharing insights into energy updates, astrology guides, dream interpretations, psychology, communication, music, fun places and cool people in our city.

I’ve studied Psychology and Astrology since I was very young. I love sharing helpful tips that I have learned over the years with those that are interested. For the record, I do not typically agree with horoscopes or generalized sun sign astrology (which unfortunately are the most popular kinds that people are introduced to). I enjoy diving deep into the scientific side of birth charts, exploring synastries and compatibility between people. I do NOT make life decisions based on the stars, but astrology sure can be a helpful tool, if you know how to use it correctly!

I’ll also share some energy updates. I’ll start off by saying that everything has to do with energy. We are energy. Our thoughts can balance or throw off our energy. Our behaviors and habits sustain or drain our energy. People in our lives can bring very positive or negative energy. We definitely cannot control what life has in store for us, so it has been very helpful for me to learn how to control my own energy. That’s all we can do! And once you get the general idea down, you’ll be amazed at how it can transform your world!

Here are a few facts to help you get to know me!

I am originally from South Florida, but have lived here in Louisville the majority of my life.

My favorite things are my kids, music, spirituality, learning, and travel.

My favorite things to do on the weekend are catch up with friends, explore the internet, and KARAOKE!

My Big 3 astrology signs are Sun = Aquarius, Moon = Libra, Rising = Pisces.

I’m looking forward to sharing my thoughts and experiences with you all. I also love connecting with other positive people, and would really enjoy hearing your feedback to my articles, or anything you’d like to share! You can find me on instagram here.

Thank you for reading my introduction, and I hope you have a great day!

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