When you’re cold- you put on a coat, right? That’s a no-brainer solution for anyone that’s cold and has a coat.

But what if you don’t have a coat? And you don’t have the money to buy a coat? Or worse yet- your kid doesn’t have a coat and you can’t afford to buy them one. That makes the question a little tougher to answer, doesn’t it?

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Now the reason anyone is in a position where they ‘can’t’ provide their basic survival needs is not what we’re discussing here. I don’t care why someone is in need- only that they’re in need. And there are folks in the community who can and want to help.

Enter Ted Leobenberg, a man that has floated in and out of my life over the last few years like somewhat of a mystic- appearing at the right moment with the right solution…but that’s a story and a podcast for another time…

Ted is the organizer of the Louisville chapter of FreeCoatExchange.org, a bare-bones, grass-roots movement that helps connect people that have one (or more) too many coats with people who need a coat (or several). This year, the event is on Friday, November 23 at several locations around the city. Click here for a map and contact information

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The most important thing about this post is that you check out FreeCoatExchange.org and help if you can. Secondly, check out this podcast for a fun chat between Ted and Jason Mudd that took place on Monday November 19, 2018. They talk about life, need, want, and bits that will be revisited on another podcast. Thanks, Ted, for stopping in!

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