It has been far too long since I visited Louisville Community Acupuncture! I decided it was time to return. I have been struggling with some minor health issues and I love the holistic approach.  Before you go anywhere, I truly appreciate modern medicine as well.

I scheduled my appointment online and made my way to the office last week. I walked in the door and was greeted by Margaret. Margaret and Mike own Louisville Community Acupuncture and they both love their work. I let Margaret know what issues I was having and then proceeded to the chair of my choice. There are about 8-10 chairs that lay back in a room that is dimly lit and quiet. I got settled and then Margaret came in to check with me and place the needles.

Margaret checked my tongue and my pulse to verify what she thought may be causing my health things going on. The color of the tongue, its shape, its coating or lack of, all these details can give information about what is going on internally. The pulse can also be used to get information about your body through its rate, its strength, and its location.  

Once she had talked with me and checked my tongue and pulse, she placed the needles where they were needed to help resolve the issues. I had them in my hands, my feet, my ankles, and one right between my eyebrows. Most people ask me if it hurts.  It doesn’t! They are such small needles. I fall asleep pretty quickly and I am very relaxed during the entire process. Once I wake up, I know I am finished for that session. I’m not sure if this is everyone’s experience, but it has been mine. Margaret takes the needles out and then I am free to go.  

This day, I decided to stay for cupping to help release some tension in my lower back that was also playing a role in the issues I was having. I was laying on a massage table in a private room for this treatment. Margaret lit a fire into a small glass jar and suctioned it to my back. She actually placed several jars on my lower back and left them on for 10 minutes.

I really can say that I notice a difference in how I feel after these sessions. I can also say that it did relieve the symptoms I was having quickly. More than anything, I love the energy of Louisville Community Acupuncture and the relaxation I get when I am here. It is worth it for the peace I feel after having the treatment. If you are needing some self-care or self-love, give this a try!

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