The YES List – Jason Mudd’s Top 7 List #StuffWeLove #PlacesWeLove

Our CEO, Jason Mudd, shares his Louisville top 7!

1 Breakfast at Noosh Nosh

I believe in fueling the body well and a good breakfast makes the day better. I love Noosh Nosh because every time I bring a client or a friend here, they end up making it one of their regular places. It's just that good. And it makes you feel so good!

4816 Brownsboro Center

2 GTD at Safai Coffee Shop

I love Safai, for their pour-over coffee and artsy miel and even more so for the environment that they have created.

It's so great to get work done, connect with strangers, and make new friends. It's easy to be inspired there!

1707 Bardstown Road

3 Him Gentlemen's Boutique

There aren't many men's boutiques around, and Todd Sharp and Ross Wallace have done this one right. Check it out, guys!

2352 Frankfort Ave


Remember that stuff I said about eating well? You've got to keep at it. And LifeBar makes it so easy to give my body what it needs.

A daily wheatgrass shot will change your life. Just sayin'.

3738 Lexington Road (Inside Rainbow Blossom)

5 Revelry Gallery

Mo and her crew at the Rev have done more than their part to make our city not only look better but to be better to the earth and each other. Amazing art, stuff for your home, and great gifts. It's a MUST STOP when your in the 502.

742 E Market St

6 The Parklands

I love being outside and we have the best park network in the country. Hands down, for a city of 1 million +, we have an absolutely incredible infrastructure of shared green space. Get out and get active! You'll live longer, be happier, and you'll have more fun!

7 Cobalt Hair Lab

For men, it can be hard to find a good stylist. Lisa Warren is the and she's super cool. Check them out.

748 E. Market St.