These 7 Louisville Businesses are great, especially for the introverts!!  I tend to be an introvert at first (believe it or not)! These 7 places also offer introverts like me the opportunity to comfortably network and get to know other great locals.

Red Tree

Red Tree: It’s such a cool, eclectic place to find local art, cool accessories, furniture for home, and fun, quirky gifts!  A perfect stop any day and especially during the First Friday Hop in Nulu.  Bonus: You can occasionally find me offering a reading here.

Image Courtesy of BloFish

BLōFISH Clothing Company: Also in Nulu, Logan and team have an amazing line of Gender Neutral Clothing and they give 10% of all purchases to their charity of the month.  Mention my name and ask about becoming a Maven!  Being a maven offers a unique way to support a great local business and meet people from all walks of life.

Image Courtesy of Annie May’s Sweet Cafe: An Allergy-Friendly Bakery

Annie May’s Sweet Cafe: Located on Frankfort Ave, this is my favorite place to get an allergy-free treat. I’n addicted to their chocolate cream-filled cupcakes, oatmeal pies and twix-like candy bars. All bakery items are currently gluten, peanut, tree nut, and soy free, but on Sept 2 they’ll be milk, tree nut, shellfish, sesame, and soy free too!  Even introverts are sure to get to know the ladies behind the counter. Bonus: they offer a frequent visitor reward card.

Barefit Adventure Training: is my top workout recommendation.  Check out Barefit to focus on strengthening your rock climbing, kayaking, and hiking adventures or just to get a badass workout!  The Barefit crew embraces you as family from day one and also offers adventure themed get-togethers every 4-6 week’s to congratulate everyone on their work!  They even have a members-only facebook group to communicate special happenings and offer additional out-of-gym support.

Image Courtesy of Pandora Productions

Pandora Productions: I loved this theatre company well-before I ever stepped foot on their stage. This local theatre company supports the LGBTQ community through a variety of well-known and ground-breaking shows. Their performance are intimate, affordable and top-notch.  Whether you’re LGBTQ or an ally, their shows are always a hit!  This is a great way to “come out” of your shell.  Bonus: you can catch me in “My Big Gay Italian Christmas” this winter.

Image Courtesy of Quills Coffee

Quills: My favorite coffee spot for meeting a friend, reading a book, or working on my computer!  I love rotating between the Highlands, St. Matthews and Nulu locations. Their Cafe Miele is my absolute favorite coffee drink in town!  Bonus: Nulu offers a chance to run into great locals like Teddy Abrams and St. Matt’s offers the chance to enjoy a Steel City Pop with your coffee.

Check out Jessica in Action at Flying Axes!

Flying Axes: This is a place for some healthy competition.  Down in Nulu, near the skate park, enjoy free street parking while you’re on a date or just hanging with a group of friends to throw axes at the wooden target.  You’ll get individual instruction with a coach, plus you can grab a beer (unless you’re gluten free like me). What a fun way to get some aggression out and meet new people!

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